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Unit Standard 117871 – Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Methodologies NQF Level 5 – Credits 10

Unit Standard 115753 – Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessments NQF Level 5 – Credits 15

Unit Standard 115759 – Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-Based Assessments NQF Level 6 – Credits 10

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Assessor Training Programme
(US 115753 – Conduct outcomes based assessments)


The Assessor Training Programme is based on SAQA Unit Standard 115753, Conduct outcomes based assessments.

This training programme is ideal for those who wish to learn the methods of assessing an outcomes-based learning programme and for those wishing to improve their assessment skills.  This programme equips learners with the necessary knowledge and skill to make effective judgements on a person’s competency by means of assessments. Learners will also gain an understanding of the different ways to obtain and assess evidence allowing the learner to conduct assessments in a fair and valid manner in their field of expertise.

What does an Assessor do?

An Assessor:

·         Assesses candidates against registered unit standards and qualifications in order to allocate credits.

·         Uses different assessment methods to judge candidate competency against identified standards.

·         Assesses knowledge and skills of candidates.

·         Assists in skills audits by assessing employees to determine skills gaps.

·         Assesses employees in terms of job appraisals.

·         Assists in recruitment of new employees.

·         Assesses evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Who should do this training?

This course will benefit:

·         Those wishing to complete a SETA Accredited training programme on assessing

·         Assessors wishing to register as assessors

·         Facilitators

·         Trainers

·         Lectures

·         Teachers

·         Coaches

·         Managers

·         Human Resource Managers

·         Supervisors

·         Presenters

·         Skills Development Facilitators (SDF)

What are the benefits?

For the individual For the company
·         Credits towards a full qualification

·         Improves employability as an Assessor and Facilitator

·         Allows the individual to gain a formal qualification as an Assessor

·         Improves skills in Assessing

·         Can freelance as registered independent Assessor

·         Opportunity to register as an assessor with various SETAs

·         Change in career focus

·         Have a registered/qualified Assessor

·         Can provide credible outcomes-based in house assessment

·         Identify skills gaps

·         Levies – access skills development fund (Grants)

·         Address skills gaps

·         Involvement in learner ships/apprenticeships

·         Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessments

·         Uses assessment during recruitment of new employees

·         Improved BEE scorecard

How does one become an Assessor?

You need to:

·         Compete the Assessor Training Programme

·         Qualify as an Assessor

·         Upon completion, register as an Assessor with the relevant SETA/s

The training covers the following registered unit standard:

SAQA US ID: Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits Outcomes
115753 Conduct outcomes-based assessment 5 15 1.       Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based assessment

2.       Prepare for assessments

3.       Conduct assessments

4.       Provide feedback on assessments

5.       Review assessments

How do I know that this Facilitator training is recognised?

·         THT Hospitality Training (Pty) Ltd is accredited with the ETDP SETA to offer this programme.  Our Accreditation Number is ETDP10825 and our Registration Number is 2501.

·         On successful completion of the programme, we will upload your results onto the ETDP database and you will receive a certificate.

·         The ETDP SETA will capture your results on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) and issue a Statement of Results (SOR) that will reflect the credits you have earned.

How and where will the training take place?

Training is offered via Assisted Correspondence, this means that anyone in South Africa can do the training.  You just need to take the steps and register with us.  We provide full support to all our clients.

Training Programme Outline

Study unit 1: Outcomes-Based Assessment

·         Outcomes-Based and other forms of assessment

·         Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

·         Assessment Methods

·         Key Principles of Assessment

·         The impact of assessment results on learners

Study Unit 2: Prepare for Assessments

·         Preparing for assessments

·         Parties involved with the assessment

·         Pre-Assessment Moderation

·         Preparing the learner for assessment

Study Unit 3: Conducting Assessment

·         Requirements for assessment practices

·         Carrying out assessments

·         Questioning techniques

·         Gathering evidence

·         Assessment judgements

·         Assessment records

Study Unit 4: Provide Feedback On Assessment

·         Parties who need to receive feedback

·         Feedback to the learner

·         Type and manner of feedback

·         Feedback from the learner

·         Disputes and or appeals

·         Recording agreements reached and key aspects of the feedback

Study Unit 5: Review Assessment

·         Strengths/weaknesses in assessment instruments and process

·         Feedback from relevant parties

·         Weaknesses in design

·         Poor unit standards and qualifications