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THT Hospitality Training is an organisation focused on delivering specialised skills to staff in order to achieve exceptional service for guests and clients. Understanding that success in the hospitality industry is based upon what you invest in your staff, we aim to provide all trainees with the tools to excel in their roles. We are dedicated to improving service, quality and critical skills which is noticeably lacking in the industry.

Success in the industry is by no means assured, even if the venue is located in a prime location and close to popular attractions, has rooms that are beautifully furnished and offers all the amenities that travelers appreciate. The key ingredient to success is maintaining an exceptional level of service and experience that leaves a customer satisfied.

Implementing a comprehensive training program for all staff greatly increases the chances of a business providing customer service that consistently meets and excels guests’ expectations.

Author & Business Owner: Celeste Jacobs
Founded:  2010
Location: 559 Marine Drive, KZN, South Africa

National small business chamber South AfricaCertified South African SpecialistCertified South African Specialist in the Tourism and Hospitality Training industry

Local & International Experience


THT prides itself in its years of experience and success. With over 16 years experience in the industry, we have had the opportunity to carry out training extensively both internationally and locally, namely: India, Nepal, Yangon, Thailand, Borneo, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Peru, Brazil, Florida, Mauritius, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

To see some of the companies we have had the pleasure of working with, please visit our Clients Portfolio page.

What Does It Mean to Work in Hospitality?

Hospitality Training and customer service- a smile will go a million milesMany people are aware that they work in the hospitality industry but have they really given thought to what ‘Hospitality’ & ‘Service’ mean? In India hospitality is based on the principle Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning “the guest is God”. From this stems the Indian approach of graciousness towards guests at home, and in all social situations. A Service is a set of actions or solutions that are put in place or are performed to provide a repeatable and consistent set of outcomes, deliverables, and performance. When we put the two together, it becomes really clear what the main focus and attributes for any staff member within the hospitality industry should consist of. When conducting our hospitality training, we keep this in mind as we believe these basics are the cornerstone to a great business.
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In-House Hospitality Training

Quality and critical skills are noticeably lacking in our hospitality industry.

THT is an organisation focused on delivering key skills to staff with a focus on exceptional service, quality and critical skills, so staff may exceed expectations of guests & clients. THT provides each trainee with a professional training manual and guidelines which will help assist them in their role. Each trainee will receive a certificate at the end of training. Two follow up field visits will be performed to observe trainees and mentor them as required with additional guidelines given to clients and trainees. THT works closely with it’s clients offering in-house training tailored programmes to suit their particular needs. Self study courses are also available for those looking to further their knowledge & understanding in the industry.

To see what our training covers please visit our In-house hospitality training page

Self Study Courses

For those looking to enter the industry, THT works closely with individuals offering a number of job specific courses aimed at assisting new members to enter into the industry with confidence in their skill.

Please visit our Self Study Courses page for an overview of our course modules.

The excellent pass rate achieved was surely due to Celeste’s exceptional abilities as a trainer. The knowledge passed on will certainly be a huge value to our staff, our company and ultimately our clients and guests!

- Angus Pumpe, Operations and Maintenance Manager, Bushtracks Africa Ltd

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