My bags are packed, i’m ready to go :)

I am in Mauritius having another opportunity to work with White Sands Tours (  I love being invited back to work with companies i have dealt with in the past – it’s kind of like meeting up with old friends again!  This time round i had a group of 12 Tour Managers, some of whom i trained four years ago!  While all the tourists relax on the white sandy beaches of Mauritius, we were “hiding” indoors doing our training sessions in some hot and humid conditions – thank goodness for air conditioning!

All in all the training ran smoothly.  These Tour Managers are so focused on providing their customers with the best experience possible.  They are all willing to please and go that extra mile to ensure guests return back to Mauritius.  This island, as little as it is, is full of charm !  The smiling faces, warm welcome and true hospitality shown by all the people you encounter, is a lesson that many destinations can learn from.

With my duties done, here i am sitting in the reception of the lovely Tamassa Resort ( , waiting for my airport transfer to take me back to MY beautiful South Africa!   They say home is where the heart is – it’s true!