It’s always great returning to an area as beautiful as Somerset West in the Western Cape.  The past 5 days have been pretty intense as we had so much to get through and so much to prepare!  I did one on one training with a young lady that has been employed to look after a group of UK holiday makers that will be staying at the NH Lord Charles hotel.  Our training covered, customer service, enhancing the customers experience, dealing with difficult situations, body language, soft selling skills, listening and communication to name a few.

Nwabisa, or “Sweetness” as she is know to her guests is passionate about delivering the best service to her customers and her focus, determination and dedication to her role is going to get her far in this industry.  What a lovely place to be working and what a fantastic opportunity for this young lady.  I wish her all the very, very best.

If ever find yourself in the Somerset West area, make sure you check out the NH Lord Charles Hotel.  Excellent location, excellent staff, excellent all round.