THT are proud to announce our next group of students that have worked hard and are now competent in the unit standards they studied.

If you are interested in doing the ETDP Seta Accredited Facilitator, Assessor or Moderator course via self study/correspondence, give us a call on 0825989083 or email this can be used in any field of work, it is not only for hospitality.

Facilitate Learning Using a variety of Given Methodologies Unit Standard 117871
Taffy Chifamuna
Scelo Mbele

Conduct Outcomes Based Assessments Unit Standard 115753
Davis Muzeza
Melinda Strauss

Conduct Moderation of Outcomes Based Assessments Unit Standard 115759
JJ Cilliers
Sheughnet Efstathiou

We offer full support to any student that studies with us.

We are so proud of all of you!