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EXO Travel Bangkok

This has been a whirlwind trip, but so good to see some people i have met before.  I have had the privilege of returning to Bangkok (i was here in February) and this time i was doing training for Titan Travel.  I am always great full for all these opportunities that i am given.  We covered a variety of topics from dealing with customers, body language to focusing on what Titan Travel requires from the Thai Tour Managers when they work with their guests.

For those that have not been to Thailand before, this is a place you need to visit.  Thailand’s allure remains as strong as ever and charms visitors from around the world. For many it offers unforgettable and life changing experiences. Diverse in its offerings, expect extraordinary encounters, friendly locals and mesmerizing destinations steeped in a rich cultural history. Each visitor to Thailand will undoubtedly foster their own unique memories to take home and cherish.  One thing i am also confident in is that the guides from EXO Travel, will take good care of you.


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