It was great being invited back to Brazil to do Tour Leader Training for South American Tours again.  I had been to Brazil three years previously to train some of their tour leaders and really fell in love with the place.

Timing could not have worked out better.  I arrived in Brazil worked hard on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but Thursday was a public holiday and i was able to go and explore.  I hired a bike and cycled for the full day, taking in as much as i possibly could.

Our training was very client specific.  These tour leaders work with UK based clients and the company has specific requirements with regards to what to do in the event of an emergency, dealing with significant incidents, dealing with difficult situations, quality control and of course the very important customer service.  These tour leaders are all experienced in this field and it was really great working with them and sharing points of views and experiences that they all face in the field.  Three intense training days, but i left Rio happy that these tour leaders are passionate about what they do and i know that anybody that is lucky enough to have them as their group leader, will be in good hands.

Thank you Rio for welcoming me back.IMG_20170616_111334south american tours