Wow, how time fly’s!  As you may all be aware, we are now offering ETDPSeta Accredited Assessor, Facilitator and Moderator courses.  We are so pleased that we made this move as it have been well accepted by many.  It is important to point out, that although THT Hospitality Training is mainly focused on exactly that – the Hospitality industry, the Assessor, Facilitator and Moderator Courses are courses that ANYBODY can do, you do not specifically have to work in the hospitality industry.  These courses are standard, so anyone wanting to be an Assessor can complete our course and you will use it in your field of expertise.  We wanted to broaden our scope to enable us to accommodate and assist more people.

So you may ask who should do one of these courses?  We will help you out.

Unit Standard 117871 Facilitate Learning using a variety of Methodologies:  This one is excellent for any person in Sales and Marketing or head of personnel.  If you are in HR/HRD practitioner; teacher of any sort; lecturer anywhere or trainer of any kind, this course will benefit you hugely.

Unit Standard 115753 Conduct Outcomes-based assessments:  This one is for Supervisors doing assessments in the workplace.  Again also beneficial to HR/HRD practitioners; teachers; lecturers; trainers in any field!

Unit Standard 115759 Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-Based Assessments:  To all our Supervisors and Managers, this one is perfect for you!  Yes, also to HR/HRD practitioners; teachers; lecturers; trainers in any field!

So as you can see, a step in the right direction for us to offer these 3 courses.  We also need to point out that we offer them as correspondence courses.  Since we have recognized that many people are working and would not have the time to attend lectures, you can now do this at leisure.  You will have a maximum of 3 month per course to work your way through producing your PoE (Portfolio of Evidence).  Remember, we are here every step of the way to assist you if you are stuck.

To those of you that have done these courses with us – thank you as always, we appreciate all your support.  To those that are interested, give us a shout as we are running specials at the moment!

Chat again soon,