IMG_20171205_130419 IMG_20171205_130448 IMG_20171206_153857 IMG_20171207_123927I found myself back in Cape Town to carry out some staff training at African Eagle (training some of their freelance staff to work for a UK company).  It is quite hard to remain focused in this beautiful city, especially in December…it’s hot, everyone is on holiday and everyone is at the beach!  None the less, training was completed.  I worked with a great bunch of people and i am sure they will do well when working with their future clients.

To end off our 3 day training session, we needed to have a bit of fun seeing as it is December.  We finished off with a tour of one of the great diamond factories and lunch at the V&A Waterfront.  What a way to end the year.

So that is it for 2017, may 2018 be a cracker for everyone!