Returning to a piece of paradise.  I always feel blessed having the opportunity to go and do training and when it is in an area like this…who would not love their job!  I spent a week at Mjejane River Lodge training 3 members of staff to work as representatives for a overseas based tour company.  We covered a variety of subjects that their roles as representatives would entail.  Among these we covered:  Customer Service, Dealing with difficult situations, Dealing with emergencies, Body language and Quality control.  I am sure that all three staff members are going to exceed the guests expectations when they arrive at Mjejane.

While on the topic, if you are looking to explore this piece of heaven look no further that this amazing place.  Mjejane River Lodge is perched on the banks of one of the Kruger National Park’s greatest rivers – the Crocodile River – and is surrounded by tens of thousands of hectares of raw African wilderness. It is here that places of water are places of life. It is here that all forms of wildlife are drawn to the riverine habitat to feed and to quench their thirst. It is here that the paths of predators and prey cross. It is here that life and death are close companions. It is here that you are assured of a breathtaking wildlife experience.

This lodge will offer you an unforgettable experience.  Visit

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